Luminous Landscape Video Journal - Issue 1-4
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Featuring behind the lens commentary by world renowned landscape photographer Michael Reichmann covering global photography destinations from Antarctica to Tanzania.Interviews with leading professional photographers discussing the art, business, and future of photography.
Technical reviews of cameras, gear, and software that gets the job done.

This is the greatest resource for both aspiring and seasoned professional photographers alike. Enjoy

File 1 - Death Valley

1. A Moonrise in Death Valley
2. Footprints in Death Valley
3. Striations in Death Valley
4. Aguereberry Point Sunrise

File 2 - Alain Briot

1. An interview with this well-known Arizona-based photographer & teacher. Alain talks of his successful career as a landscape photographer, his methods and philosophy.
2. Briot on Digital Imaging - How the advent of digital has allowed Briot to expand his business and explore more deeply the art of photography.
3. Briot on Rock Art - a look at the photography of mysterious & ancient rock art of the American South-West

File 3 - Introduction, Canon EOS D30 Review, Zoo Photography

1. Introduction to LLVJ-01
2. A look at the features & prints from the first affordable 35mm DSLR - the innovative Canon D30
3. How to take compelling photographs within the confines of a zoo (with D30)

File 1 - The Grand Canyon

1. Michael discusses his photography of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim, the Colorado river and an aerial overview.
2. Rafting the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. A photographic trip through some of the world's most magnificent scenery - quiet side canyons and the tumultuous Colorado's whitewater.
3. A video shot along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Michael narrates with many tips & suggestions.

File 2 - Mono Lake, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest & CC Lockwood

1. Mono Lake - A photography shoot in this eerie yet beautiful location with its stark 'tufas' and brine-encrusted grasses
2. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Michael photographs the oldest living trees in the 'moonscape' high in the Sierra mountains
3. An interview with wildlife & nature photographer CC Lockwood

File 3 - Camera Movements Tutorial, Better Black & White Tutorial, Assignment, Introduction

1. Camera Movements: a detailed look at the benefits of Tilt & Shift lens movements; how they work and why your photographs might benefit from them.
2. Better Black & White Tutorial - a 'How To' of digital B&W, duotones & tritones using Photoshop
3. Assignment Competition
4. Introduction to LLVJ-02


File 1 - Bosque del Apache

1. Michael & workshop members photograph tens of thousands of snow geese as they take off at dawn. They also photograph the beautiful antics of sandhill cranes in this world-renowned wildfowl refuge on the
Rio Grande, New Mexico
2. An on-location interview with wildlife photographer Cheryl Opperman.
3. 4 x 5 Wildlife Photography. Alain Briot takes a tongue-in-cheek look at large-format wildlife photography!
4. Lit only by two headlamps in the dark of pre-dawn Bosque del Apache, Michael extolls the virtues of the Petzl Zipka.

File 2 - A look at lenses, a gimbal mount and the Canon 1D mk1

1. Canon 400mm f/4 DO Super Telephoto review
2. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS Zoom review
3. The Wimberley Gimbal Mount review
4. Canon EOS-1D review

File 3 - Dunes & Marshes, Assignment, Introduction

1. Dunes & Marshes. Finding a subject in your backyard: the quiet beauty of sand dunes and nearby marshes in Prince Edward County on the edge of Lake Ontario.
2. Assignment Competition: Cloudscapes
3. Introduction to LLVJ-03

File 1 - America's South West

1. Dawn photography on the white crystal sand dunes of White Sands National Park.
2. The magic and mystery of Lower Antelope Canyon. A trip down this narrow slot canyon - icon of U.S south-west photography.
3. Photographing the Navajo country of Canyon de Chelly & environs.

File 2 - Street Photography

1. A detailed on-location look at documentary and street photography: the technique and equipment.

File 3 - Super Telephoto Technique, Digital Imaging Primer - Part 1, Assignment, Introduction

1. Super Telephoto Technique. How to shoot with a heavy long lens.
2. Digital Imaging Primer. How to effectively use digital tools to adjust photographs (Part 1 of 2).
3. Assignment Competition: Rocks
4. Introduction to LLVJ-04

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