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Your TotalWebSEO system comes complete with all of the following:
* My 7-step system to obtaining first page rankings in all the major search engines in 12 easy to follow online videos.
* Step-by-step ebook covering everything in the videos that you can work through whilst watching and making notes along the way.
* Powerful “insider tips” that you’ll not find on any SEO forum that’s going to get your website above your competitors fast.

1.Mastering The Basics
-How to develop your strategy for 500 visitors per day
-What SEO is about and how it’s going to help you
-The search engines you target first for the best results
-What to do if a SEO company approaches you !

2. Search Engine Rankings 101
-How search engines really work
-Why they rank sites at number 1
-The 3 elements you must have for ranking at the top
-Why you won’t rank for some terms

3. Lay Strong Foundations
-The most important factors in choosing your niche
-How to profit from keyword research
-Why the size of your niche will make or break you
-The tricks to finding profitable niches for your industry
-The elements of your niche to put most effort into

4. Develop Your Website
-The most important elements required in web pages
-Learn where to place these for maximum optimization
-Change a couple of words to double your traffic
-Why adding in some elements will get you banned

5. Power Up Your SEO (1)
-Get indexed in the search engines within 24 hours
-Three factors you must get right to rank at number 1
-Dislodge your competitors and climb above them
-How to get other webmasters to promote your site

6. Power Up Your SEO (2)
-How to get your own site to be a link magnet
-What 3 things not to do to promote your site
-What things don’t work any more !
-How to supercharge today’s most popular method of promotion

7. Learn From The Professionals
-A run through of my number 1 ranking website
-How I built it and how I get number 1 rankings
-I show you how I develop it for popularity
-I’ll show you all my code and my SEO strategy

8. Explode Your Visitors Exponentially
-The one thing you must do at least once a week
-My top tip to get others to develop your site for free
-How to double the value of outsourced material
-How to double your visitors in 30 days

1. LIVE Website Critique
2. Avoid These SEO Mistakes
3. Avoid Duplicate Content

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