Mastering Composition Vol 2 With Ian Roberts DVD-NoPE | ISO | 2.73 GB
Most unsuccessful paintings are ruined before the brush even gets to the canvas. Why?
Weak composition. There's no structure. No foundation.
If you start a painting that lacks structure--well, you know the experience... repainting this part, overworking that and getting lost and frustrated about how to proceed. And until that structural problem is understood it will continue to plague, frustrate and hamper each painting's progress and success.
Composition is the bedrock of every good representational painting.
For something as fundamental as this it's surprising it isn't isolated and taught more often.
Go to the list of classes at your local art college and see if you can find a course on composition.Ian Roberts has taught painting to hundreds of students in Provence and Tuscany, as well as the U.S. through his school Atelier Saint-Luc. He realized after teaching workshops for the past ten years to both beginners and professionals, if there was room for one badly needed teaching tool to help representational painters, composition was it.
So he has developed a unique video course that will teach you the basics of strong compositions. It will dramatically improve your painting, whether you paint landscapes, still-lifes or figures.
This video course is packed with over 2-1/2 hours of knowledge, encouragement, insight, tips, exercises, graphics and animation sequences, critiques, and demonstrations. Every thing you need to dramatically improve your painting.
What you will learn and the benefits you will gain:
* shows a working method to develop a strong composition before you start to paint
* gives a structure so your painting approach can be bolder, less tentative
* shows better design equals better painting
* gives you a roadmap so you know where you're trying to go and where to stop
* shows you how your eye moves on your painting so you become attuned to what is actually happening rather than what you hope is happening

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