Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn - Kimberly Miguel Mullen
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Tighten and make your lower body more than a relief! Aim at the problem areas and enjoy their work! This fun dance program is designed to make the legs slender and strong, like a dancer. You dissolve the rhythm while you tighten and shape hips and buttocks, while improving endurance. Simple exercises - swinging her hips, kick their feet tall - will help you feel great in your body!
Two 20-minute workout can be made in succession or separately, if you do not have time. Dancing to beautiful music, you will lose weight, tighten your body, increase flexibility and reduce your stress level! Very soon your legs will be forced to turn around for you!

Full of grace, elegance program uses two techniques. First, smooth flow, current dance moves, aimed at the lower part of the body. This part is more for the beginner level. Used playfully swinging his hips, bending, head movements and movements of belly dancing.

The second part - at a faster pace and in a more classical style of fitness. Range steps cha-cha-cha, Grand Plie, lunges back and side. Both segments are taught in a related manner, as these ligaments modern dance.

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