[Tuts+] JavaScript Fundamentals [591.24 MB]

Without a doubt, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. While the web development industry is chock full of frameworks and libraries that simplify some aspects of JavaScript development, there's something to be said about having the skills to write pure JavaScript. Frameworks, libraries, and transpilers may come and go, but JavaScript is forever.

This course focuses on the basics of the two fundamental aspects of client-side development: the JavaScript language and DOM scripting. The first half of this course teaches you the basics and best practices of the JavaScript language; the second focuses on DOM scripting and events. So, if you're a complete beginner, or a coder who has exclusively used frameworks but wants to delve into the guts of pure JavaScript development, this is the course for you.

JavaScript Basics 2h 40m 10s
Getting Started 10m 35s
Data and Variables: Part 1 15m 51s
Data and Variables: Part 2 19m 3s
Functions 15m 59s
Scope 14m 48s
Working with Objects 17m 31s
Creating Objects 14m 19s
Arrays 11m 39s
Conditions and Decisions 25m
Loops 15m 25s

JavaScript and the Browser 1h 34m 43s
The window Object and More Scope 15m 3s
The document Object and Finding Elements 13m 40s
Creating Elements and Attributes 21m 41s
Modifying Element Style 23m 14s
Timers and Animation 21m 5s

Events 1h 16m 16s
Event Basics 13m 10s
The Standard Event Model 15m 5s
The Legacy IE Event Model 9m 20s
Cross-Browser Event Handling 18m 28s
Event Delegation 20m 13s


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