Pluralsight - Windows Azure Diagnostics [461.13 MB]

Title: Windows Azure Diagnostics.

Released: 3/9/2012.

Level: Intermediate.

Duration: 3h 19m.

Windows Azure Diagnostics is a foundational course for Windows Azure Development.
The course starts by an introduction to key components of Windows Azure Diagnostics, and building a basic "hello world" application.
After then, it continues covering topics like: working in Full IIS mode, integrating with Enterprise Libray Logging Application Block, configuration precedence, and capturing data buffers including integration with Log4Net.
Finally, it describes various tips and tricks, including: On-Demand transfer, IntelliTrace, PowerShell, Database Trace Listeners, among others.

Author: Niraj Bhatt.
Niraj Bhatt works as an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 500 company.
He is also a manager and speaker at BDOTNET, the India's largest .NET user group.


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