SYGIC 10 Navigation of 2010 + Map of Europe | 2.4 GB

The navigation system platform Sybmian S60 with maps of Europe.
Tested on NOKIA C6-0, NOKIA 5230, Nokia 95 8gb. Click for help. Kachivaet, copy to the micro SD, insert the weave run SetupSymbian.sis

writing instruction zapusku.vse very prosto.1 * 2 * Download Fail to copy all or Micko SD card pamyati.3 * open the memory card out there looking for Fail (SetupSymbian.sis) it usually is in red kvadratikom.4 * To install click on the same map giving the nod to all vorposy (click always yes,,) 5 * prog open (red crescent) 6 * it narishet no karty.zahodim menu search (settings) go Leafs find (toggle map) zhmom (writes SMM10_TA.WORLD .2012.03) * Requests zhmom.6 code aktivatsii.7 * Do not forget UTB vazzhno gdenibu narisat number to be specified (eg 0564743F23) OH would you have drugim.8 * prog open in keuge (he eats SygicKG) .9 * zhmom Search search in Maps Fail (SMM10_TA.WORLD.2012.03) zhmom Next on the line write the number (paragraph 7) generiruem.dalshe all just write etot nome .10 * all ready be in the path (GPS prog naydot catfish if he eats a weave,, koldovat nesovetuyu, All settings are automatic interpretation must wait until the GPS satellite naydot) 11 * good luck to all and good road.

escho one automatically increases the GPS signal so that the battery should be fully charged (it works even in the room)

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