Zookaware RegZooka 3.42 | 9.69 Mb

RegZooka offers to blast away errors in your registry for about 30 bucks. This registry cleaner software examines a long list of registry entries and does it all in a user-friendly way. This program seems especially geared toward beginners. At the top of the first page is a layout of the three-step process and at the bottom is a check box followed by ?backup all data safely.? There are also safety warnings throughout in red lettering. If you do not have time or desire to find out which data and why these warnings are in red RegZooka might be just right for cleaning your registry.


This program checks a fairly long list of registry items, including COM/ActiveX/OLE entries, application uninstall entries, font entries, shared DLL entries, application paths entries, sound and audio entries, help files, Windows startup items, file/folder/path references, program shortcuts references, empty registry keys and file associations.

The extra features are also nice. RegZooka will defragment the registry and optimize your startup menu in addition to cleaning tasks. The statistics window allows you to keep track of your tally of errors, whether repaired or ignored.

The automatic scheduler allows users to mostly forget about regular registry cleaning duties. RegZooka can be set to automatically run on startup, close itself after making repairs, automatically repair items after scanning and display a splash screen before starting.

There are some customization options for the advanced users ? for example, the ignore list allows users to instruct RegZooka about which items can be left alone.



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