DAZ Studio PRO x86/x64 | 239 MB

DAZ Studio is a powerful modeling tool that is designed to create characters. DAZ Studio allows you to create realistic shapes that can be handed down for software rendering or rendering accelerated OpenGL.

The program enables anyone to create stunning digital illustrations and animations. DAZ Studio is the perfect tool for designing unique digital art and animation using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environment and much more. Simply choose a theme and / or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork. Characters can be created by combining a large range of models downloaded from the Internet. DAZ Studio is fully compatible with Poser 4 files, which makes the program a good alternative to expensive software.

Part of what you can do using DAZ Studio:
? add to the scene of so many people as you like for you;
? Set of people, animals, aliens, and even inanimate objects in that position (and position) that you need;
? Put your models, your selected items. Incidentally, many details such as hair and odezhdyimeyut many settings;
? To place furniture, background and objects in your scene. Almost infinite variety of settings allows you to recreate your own living room, to simulate the cockpit spaceship ... and anything to portray.
? Locate and adjust the light. You can easily adjust brightness, area lighting, location, direction, color and clarity of light - to get the result, which is intended.
? the location and size of many cameras. By the way, to see the stage at once with the four points of view, you can too. You can also select your camera from the range presented in the program;
? Change any object, character or event in your scene.

Key features:
? Support for hot keys
? Multiple undo and redo
? Hardware acceleration for OpenGL
? Support Drag and Drop
? Import user settings (from previous versions included)
? Powerful modeling functions
? Functions of rendering and use of effects
? Photorealistic Rendering
? Support for multiprocessor systems
? Support for OpenGL
? Export to AVI
? And much more

What is new in this version
The version resolves several issues and implements many improvements since
DAZ Studio highlights are:
A new Subsurface Shader [Base] has been added to DAZ Studio 4.6

In addition
1) Updated the embedded CMS client to Valentina 5; fixes several crashes, particularly on Mac.
2) Updated the 3Delight render engine to 10.0.125; see 3Delight Change Log for more details.
3) Added support for TriAx to TriAx AutoFit.
4) Added support for OpenSubdiv subdivision algorithms; Catmark, Bilinear, Loop; adds support for edge and / or vertex weights / creasing.
5) Added support for Ptex.
6) Added support for independent UV set selection on Geometry Shells.
7) Added support for Gamma Correction.
8) Added support for Surface Selection Sets.
9) Added the ability to Spot Render to a New Window.
10) Added support for Hierarchical Pose Presets.
11) Made improvements to various CCT tools / actions.

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