Version: 1.0.4
Size: 25.0 MB
Languages: English, Spanish

Fantastic Checkers is a great version of this traditional board game. It has beautiful graphics, nice background music and a nicely tuned AI with multiple levels of play for fun at any level. There is also a two player mode so you can play against a friend. If you are a fan of checkers (draughts) you will love this game.

The game starts on an 8x8 board with 12 pieces on each side. These pieces may only initially move and capture diagonally forwards. Only when a piece is "crowned" or "kinged" may it move both backwards or forwards. The opponent's pieces are captured by jumping over them. A player wins by capturing all of the opposing player's pieces, or by leaving the opposing player with no legal moves.

Christmas theme allows you to play with yummy Christmas cookies!

? Both one and two player modes.
? Fun AI with 3 levels (beginner, medium and expert).
? Option to disable Force Jumps.
? 2 great themes (Classic Checkers and Christmas Cookies).
? Great background music and sounds.
? Instructions for play are accessible from game screen - click on (?) button.

What's New in Version 1.0.4
Added app sandbox settings for your safety,
Changed icon to include EnsenaSoft brand mark.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later


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