Year: 2012
Genre: Action
Developed by: Rebellion
Publisher: 505 Games
Region: Region Free
Platform: XBOX360

Publication Type: DEMO
Firmware: Not required
Language: English
Size: 837.34 MB

Description: The main simulator sniper returns after a six-year hiatus. Even more breathtakingly realistic and complex game - feel yourself in the shoes of a sniper behind enemy lines!

- Designed specifically for the game a new graphics engine supports the current level of graphics.
- Incredible realism: each shot requires training and endurance - hold your breath, to calculate the distance to the target, mind you the wind direction, wait for an opportune moment to shot was heard, and be cautious and circumspect. Wounded in the leg - can not walk, was shot in the arm - can not shoot.
- X-ray image wounds - you'll see the bullet passes through the flesh of the enemy, and what damage it inflicts.
- Three modes of difficulty - for beginners, amateurs and professionals.
- Stealth mission. Do you think your task - to shoot the Krauts out of hiding? You're right, but first try to reach this shelter did not bother to alert guards.
- Additional missions for passing a joint.
- Multiplayer for 8 players.

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