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Killing Floor - Multi

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    Killing Floor - Multi

    Killing Floor - Multi


    The gameplay consists of a single game type, single- or multi-player, in which the player fights through waves of zombie-like monsters (or more precisely, specimens from a failed military experiment), with each wave becoming successively more difficult, moving through each area of the level, until it concludes with a battle with a super-specimen, called the Patriarch. Alex Quick, the level designer and texture artist, has stated that "there are a whole bunch of ideas on the drawing board that we can add in after launch, including the 'Story' mode from the mod, for instance."
    Levels are completely non-linear and open-ended. There is no restriction as to where players can travel. Players can choose where to run and where to fight. Up to six players can join together and team up online to fight the specimens. The game sessions are fully-configurable, so players can change the difficulty, number of enemy waves, or specify which creatures compose the waves. As the player progress through waves, the tougher-grade specimens are more commonly encountered. A SDK and level editor is included to allow the creation of modifications and levels.
    At the time of release, there is an array of weapons, including melee weapons, shotguns, rifles, sidearms and other weapons. Players must earn cash from killing specimens to buy these from a trader who sells the weapons, supplies and ammo players will need to progress through each wave, only accessible after a wave. When the next wave begins, she relocates to a new position, presenting the need for players to find locations for holding out not far away. A feature called "ZEDtime" allows the player to see kills such as headshots in slow-motion, which works even in multiplayer mode and applies also to teammates. Though very brief, it gives the player a few second advantage. There is tactical gameplay such as welding doors shut to direct the flow of the enemy hordes and healing allies low on health.
    There are automatic, randomized voice responses from character interaction and selectable voice commands similar to Valve's Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead for talking to players. Voice chat is also avaiable. There is a "Perks" system, which gives the player certain strengths and/or abilities. Players have six to choose from. These can be leveled up as they are used, improving their effectiveness. For example, the Commando perk gives the player a discount on the bullpup, improved effectiveness with the bullpup and grants detection of stalkers in a small area around him.
    Install Instructions:
    Unpack archives 
    Mount .iso 
    Copy Concent to HDD 
    Start Game From KillingFloor/System/KillingFloor.exe 
    Steam must Be Running
    I personaly tested game before upload
    Apply Multiplayer fix, copy contents to KillingFloor/System
    Apply Patch #1 it's very straight forward.

    Download Hamachi Network file for faster server findings
    Download Server List #1 & #2 for numerous servers that are running
    Copy new maps to Maps folder
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