SWAT 4 + The Syndicate Stechkin v.1.1 (2005/MULTI2/Lossless Repack by RG Catalyst)

SWAT 4 + The Syndicate Stechkin v.1.1 (2005/MULTI2/Lossless Repack by RG Catalyst)
Year: 2005 | PC | Eng,Rus | Developer: Irrational Games, Vivendi Games | Publisher: Sierra / SoftKlab | 1.26 Gb
Genre: Action / FPS

Every day in the world committed thousands of crimes. Numerous gangs, drug syndicates, religious fanatics and maniacs single to achieve their criminal ends, in an instant to turn a quiet life of an ordinary man in the street in a tragic nightmare, full of pain, fear and despair. Team of special-purpose and rapid-response SWAT - the guardians of peace, the last hope of salvation and the storm of crime.

You have to lead a squad of five professional fighters SWAT SWAT. They - the elite of law enforcement, the avenging right hand of justice, it overtakes any who dared to encroach upon the supreme value - human life - and to oppose the state and society. SWAT fighters come to the aid of the most difficult situations, prevent serious crime and saving the lives of ordinary citizens.


" the detention of dangerous criminals - thieves, killers, murderers, rescue hostages, fight with gangs, accompany and protect the VIP-persons.
" You have to act in a different operational environment: address emergencies in nightclubs, showrooms, restaurants, hospitals, jewelry stores. In one scene, you even have to storm the house maniac. The script of each operation is ideally laid out - a plot the game are the envy of any police thriller.
" During the operations, be aware of civilians. Behind each door may be hiding a criminal, ready to pull the trigger and take the life of the innocent hostage. Most jobs have to do is not at the expense of firepower, but by making the right tactical decisions. The success of surgery depends on the efforts and actions of each squad member.
" Use real tactical arsenal squad SWAT. At your disposal is a 9-mm submachine gun (including with silencers), Carbine Colt M4A1, Benelli M4 shotgun and several variations of the famous electroshock Taser, pepper extract, tear gas, stun grenades, as well as traditional spetsnaz equipment and accessories - Kevlar body armor, a helmet, which protects against stun grenades, handcuffs, etc.
" In SWAT 4 implemented the four modes of collective game. Play against each other or join forces in the fight for public safety!


* The choice of language localization in any combination
* Nothing is converted / not cut
* Installation time ~ 5 minutes
* RePacked by [RG Catalyst]
? Operating System: Windows 98SE / Windows 2000 SP 3 / Windows XP SP 1
? Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz / Intel Celeron 01/02 GHz / AMD Athlon GHz 2/1
? Memory: 512 MB
??? Video: NVIDIA GeForce2 (MX 200 / 400 not supported) 32 MB / ATI Radeon 8500 with 64 MB
? Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
? Free hard drive space: 3 GB


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