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Puzzle Adventure (2010/PC)

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    Puzzle Adventure (2010/PC)

    Puzzle Adventure (2010/PC)

    PC Game | English | Genre: Logic | Publisher: Capcom | 254MB

    Neopets Puzzle Adventure offers an in-depth and exciting storyline full of puzzle-based gameplay set in the world of Neopets. This game offers pick up and play type gameplay, new never-before-seen areas in the Neopets universe to explore, and the opportunity to redeem codes for exclusive virtual items at the Neopets website. The game board itself resembles a chess board, while the gameplay takes the principles of Reversi and Go, and adds new twists that take the adventure to unexpected levels. The goal is to turn all of the chips on the board to your Neopet's color

    * Neopets Puzzle Adventure will generate codes that can be redeemed for unique items on the website
    * Choose and customize one of 12 Neopets to be your central character in the story
    * Travel through three Lands of Neopia as you experience an epic story with more than 150 quests in the single-player game
    * Co-operative and Head-to-Head multiplayer matches
    * Collect 150 "PetPets" for extra abilities and earn 30 special Awards for completing missions
    * Collect over 300 items, recipes and treasures, many of which can be equipped on your pet to provide useful bonuses

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    Wow neopets :P

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