Kaplan USMLE Step 2 Pediatrics Videos
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Kaplan USMLE Step 2 Video Lectures Pediatrics


_01_Apgar Score.flv 11.7 MB
_02_Birth Injuries.flv 40.3 MB
_03_Physical Exam Variants and Abnormal Findings.flv 144 MB
_04_Newborn Screening.flv 11.9 MB
_05_Fetal Growth and Maturity.flv 48.0 MB
_06_Specific Disorders.flv 113 MB
_07_Infections.flv 52.2 MB
_08_Neurologic Disorders.flv 11.2 MB
_09_Substance Abuse and Neonatal Withdrawal.flv 14.0 MB
_10_Abnormalities of Chromosomes.flv 76.1 MB
_11_Early Overgrowth With Associated Defects.flv 13.2 MB
_12_Unusual Brain and or Neuromuscular Findings With Associated Defects.flv 14.8 MB
_13_Facial Features as the Major Defect.flv 19.2 MB
_14_Osteochondrodysplasias.flv 11.1 MB
_15_Connective Tissue Disorders.flv 32.2 MB
_16_Environmental Agents.flv 8.71 MB
_17_Miscellaneous Sequences.flv 18.4 MB
_18_Miscellaneous Associations.flv 19.8 MB
_19_Basic Principles of Childhood Growth.flv 26.9 MB
_20_Feeding.flv 42.4 MB
_21_Disorders of Growth.flv 34.5 MB
_22_Nutritional Problems.flv 31.7 MB
_23_Overview of Development.flv 21.3 MB
_24_Primitive Reflexes and Developmental Milestones.flv 104 MB
_25_Vegetative Disorders.flv 40.6 MB
_26_Pervasive Developmental Disorders.flv 18.0 MB
_27_Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).flv 13.3 MB
_28_Active Immunizations.flv 52.6 MB
_29_Active Immunizations or Immunizations After Exposure to a Disease.flv 10.1 MB
_30_Specific Vaccines.flv 59.2 MB
_31_Physical Abuse.flv 125 MB
_32_Sexual Abuse.flv 18.1 MB
_33_Acute Inflammatory Upper Airway Obstruction.flv 59.6 MB
_34_Congenital Anomalies of the Larnyx.flv 9.21 MB
_35_Airway Foreign Body.flv 31.8 MB
_36_Inflammatory Disorders of the Small Airways.flv 20.8 MB
_37_Pneumonia.flv 24.9 MB
_38_Cystic Fibrosis.flv 56.5 MB
_39_Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).flv 20.6 MB
_40_Allergies.flv 121 MB
_41_Asthma.flv 28.2 MB
_42_Evaluation of Suspected Immune Deficiency.flv 17.5 MB
_43_Specific Defects.flv 84.4 MB
_44_Other Immune Deficiencies.flv 7.36 MB
_45_Eye Exam Important Points.flv 6.85 MB
_46_Abnormalities of the Eye Structures.flv 138 MB
_47_Eye Injuries.flv 11.1 MB
_48_Periorbital Versus Orbital Cellulitis.flv 25.2 MB
_49_Ears.flv 76.5 MB
_50_Nose and Throat.flv 130 MB
_51_Sleep Apnea.flv 5.99 MB
_52_Cardiac Evaluation and Introduction to Congenital Heart Lesions.flv 54.4 MB
_53_Left to Right Shunts.flv 65.6 MB
_54_Stenotic Lesions.flv 45.7 MB
_55_Cyanotic Lesions (Right to Left Shunts).flv 65.5 MB
_56_Mixed Lesions.flv 23.2 MB
_57_Other Cardiac Pathology.flv 69.8 MB
_58_Oral Cavity.flv 37.7 MB
_59_Diarrhea.flv 107 MB
_60_Vomiting.flv 52.2 MB
_61_Hematochezia.flv 35.7 MB
_62_Inflammatory Bowel Disease.flv 8.77 MB
_63_Constipation.flv 18.4 MB
_64_Urinary Tract Infections.flv 13.7 MB
_65_Vesicoureteral Reflux.flv 7.78 MB
_66_Obstructive Uropathy.flv 13.1 MB
_67_Diseases Presenting Primarily with Hematuria.flv 31.4 MB
_68_Polycystic Kidney Disease.flv 7.09 MB
_69_Diseases Presenting With Proteinuria.flv 21.0 MB
_70_Male Genitourinary Disorders.flv 17.7 MB
_71_Evaluation of Growth.flv 13.4 MB
_72_Pituitary Disorders.flv 32.3 MB
_73_Thyroid Disorders.flv 29.6 MB
_74_Parathyroid Disorders.flv 6.84 MB
_75_Adrenal Disorders.flv 22.2 MB
_76_Diabetes Mellitus.flv 20.7 MB
_77_The Child with a Limp.flv 48.2 MB
_78_Intoeing.flv 28.7 MB
_79_Other Torsional Angular Deformities.flv 5.79 MB
_80_Knee.flv 7.40 MB
_81_Spine.flv 17.9 MB
_82_Neck.flv 3.06 MB
_83_Upper Limb.flv 6.58 MB
_84_Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis.flv 14.4 MB
_85_Osteogenesis Imperfecta.flv 6.78 MB
_86_Bone Tumors.flv 12.3 MB
_87_Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.flv 34.2 MB
_88_Systematic Lupus Erythematosus.flv 18.9 MB
_89_Kawasaki Disease.flv 24.1 MB
_90_Henoch Schonlein Purpura.flv 12.7 MB
_91_Anemias of Inadequate Production.flv 42.3 MB
_92_Congenital Anemias.flv 15.0 MB
_93_Acquired Anemias.flv 6.92 MB
_94_Megaloblastic Anemias.flv 12.6 MB
_95_Hemolytic Anemias.flv 28.0 MB
_96_and_97 Hemoglobin Disorders.flv 31.2 MB
_98_Hemorrhagic Disorders.flv 43.3 MB
_99_Platelet Disorders.flv 17.6 MB
_100_Leukemia and Lymphoma.flv 57.2 MB
_101_Brain Tumors.flv 31.8 MB
_102_Other Malignancies.flv 48.1 MB
_103_CNS Anomalies.flv 55.5 MB
_104_Seizures.flv 35.7 MB
_105_Neurocutaneous Syndromes.flv 66.6 MB
_106_Encephalopathies.flv 12.2 MB
_107_Neurodegenerative Disorders.flv 28.8 MB
_108_Neuromuscular Disease.flv 81.6 MB
_109_Fever Without a Focus in the Young Child.flv 20.2 MB
_110_CNS Infections.flv 56.2 MB
_111_Pertussis.flv 18.9 MB
_112_Bartonella Cat Scratch Disease.flv 14.8 MB
_113_Mycobacteria.flv 30.9 MB
_114_Lyme Disease.flv 18.5 MB
_115_Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.flv 14.2 MB
_116_Mycotic Infections.flv 27.5 MB
_117_Viral Infections.flv 91.0 MB
_118_Helminthic Disease.flv 26.4 MB
_119_Arthropod_Infestations.flv 18.5 MB
_120_Introduction to Poisonings, Ingestions, and Accidents.flv 21.7 MB
_121_Specific Poisonings and Toxidromes Diagnosis and Management.flv 96.3 MB
_122_Accidents and Emergencies.flv 56.7 MB
_123_Mortality Morbidity Sexuality and STDs.flv 36.3 MB
_124_Acne.flv 9.04 MB
_125_Skin Infections.flv 49.5 MB
_126_Warts.flv 12.9 MB
_127_Diseases of the Epidermis.flv 6.69 MB
_128_Vesiculobullous Disorders.flv 11.5 MB


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