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Books on Ancient Greece

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    Books on Ancient Greece

    Books on Ancient Greece [628.93 MB]

    Books : Educational : English

    Adam Drozdek - Greek philosophers as theologians_ the divine arche
    Adkins A.W.H. - From the many to the one
    Adkins A.W.H. - Merit and Responsibility_A Study in Greek Values
    Adkins A.W.H. - Moral values and political behaviour in Ancient Greece
    Agard Walter - The Greek Mind
    Agard Walter - What Democracy Meant to the Greeks
    Ancient Greece and Rome_ an encyclopedia for students (Carroll Moulton, editor in chief)
    Ancient Greece Volume 1 (Achaean League - Dorian Invasion of Greece)
    Ancient Greece Volume 2 (Draco - Posidonius)
    Bruce Heiden - Homer's cosmic fabrication choice and design in the Iliad
    Bruce S.Thornton - Eros, the myth of ancient Greek sexuality
    Buxton R.G.A. - From Myth to Reason_ Studies in the Development of Greek Thought
    Cairn Douglas - Aidos_The Psychology and Ethics of Honour and Shame in Ancient Greek Literature
    Caldwell Richard - The origin of the Gods_A Psychoanalytic Study of Greek Theogonic Myth
    Christesen Paul - Olimpic Victor List and Ancient Greek History
    Classical Greece (500-323bc) Editor Robin Osborne
    Detienne Marcel - The gardens of Adonis_Spices in Greek Mytholog
    Dillon Matthiew - Girls and Women in Classical Greek Religion
    Dodds, Eric R. - The Greeks and the Irrational
    Dudley Wright - The Eleusinian Mysteries and Rites
    Ed. Branham R. Bracht - The Cynics
    Erwin Rohde - Psyche
    Flower, Michael Attyah - The Seer in Ancient Greece
    Garland Robert - The greek way of death
    Gerard Naddaf - The Greek Concept of Nature
    Gunther Martin - Divine Talk_Religious argumentation in Demosthenes
    Herman Gabriel - Ritualised friendship & the greek city
    Homer_A Collection Of Critical Essays
    John Muir - Life and Letters in the Ancient Greek World
    Larson Jennifer- Greek nymphs myth, cult, lore
    Levin Flora - Greek Reflections on the Nature of Music
    Lloyd Ger - In the Grip of Disease_Studies in the Greek Imagination
    Longrigg James - Greek Rational Medicine
    Magika hiera_Ancient Greek magic and religion
    Martin T.R. - Ancient Greece_From Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times
    Mikalson Jon D. - Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars
    Mitchell and Rhodes - Development of Polis in Archaic Greece
    Mystic cults in Magna Graecia - Edited by Giovanni Casadio and Patricia A. Johnston
    Noel Robertson - Religion and reconciliation in Greek Cities
    Powell Anton (ed.) - The Greek World
    Reviel Netz - Greek Mathematics and the Alexandrian Aesthetic
    Rhodes P.J. - The Greek City States
    Richer Jean - Sacred geography of the ancient Greeks_Astrological symbolism in art, architecture, and landscape
    Ryan K. Balot - Greek political thought
    Scanlon, Thomas Francis - Eros and Greek Athletics
    Seaford Richard - Money and Early Greek Mind
    Sedley David - Lucretius and the Transformation of Greek Wisdom
    Starr Chester - The Aristocratic Temper of Greek Civilisation
    Stephen G. Miller - Arete_Greek sports from ancient sources
    The Gods of Ancient Greece_Identities and Transformations
    Thorsten Fögen (ed.) - Tears in the Graeco-Roman World
    Ustinova Yulia - Caves and the Ancient Greek Mind
    Van Straten - Hiera kala_Images of animal sacrifice in archaic and classical Greece
    Vered Lev Kenaan - Pandora's senses the feminine character of the ancient text
    Victor Ehrenberg - The Greek State (1960)
    Vlassupoulos Kostas - Unthinking the Greek Polis
    Walker Henry J. - Theseus and Athens
    Werner Jaeger - Paideia_The Ideals of Greek Culture
    West, M. L. - Ancient Greek Music
    West, M. L. - The Orphic Poems
    William Scott Ferguson - Greek Imperialism
    White Nicholas - Individual and Conflict in Greek Ethics
    Xenophon_Oxford Readings in Classical Studies
    Yun Lee Too (ed) - Education in Greek and Roman Antiquity


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    Re: Books on Ancient Greece

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