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Books about guns, self defense, tactics, making primitive weapons, and the like:

These are all new scans from February, 2011. None of these files have ever been posted anywhere before.

Note: The books that end with " - ocr.pdf" have a layer of text behind the page image that has not been proof read. This makes them searchable. All other

Heres a list of the 35 books:

101 Things to do til the Revolution - Claire Wolfe - ocr.pdf
Antique American Firearms & their Value, Flaydermans Guide to.pdf
Bolt Action Rifles - 3rd Edition.pdf
Book of the Crossbow, The - by Sir Ralph Payne-Galloway - ocr.pdf
Civil War Guns - ocr.pdf
Combat Handgunnery, The Gun Digest Book of - 4th Edition - by Chuck Taylor - ocr.pdf
Cowboy Action Shooting, The Gun Digest Book of.pdf
Defensive Living - ocr.pdf
Design & Evaluation of Personal Protection Systems, The - ocr.pdf
Effective Handgun Defense - A Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry - by Frank W James.pdf
Fighting Handgun, The.pdf
Flintlock, The.pdf
Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons - Massad Ayoob - ocr.pdf (THE BEST BOOK I HAVE READ ON KICKING SOMEONES ASS, but Im not much of a fighter)
Gulag Rats, The - ocr small.pdf (JUST TEXT, NO PAGE IMAGES, NOT PROOF READ)
Gulag Rats, The - ocr.pdf (A STORY FROM WORLD WAR TWO)
Handguns of the World - Stackpole Books.pdf
Hell I Was There - Elemer Keith - Autobigraphy - ocr.pdf (THE STORY OF ONE OF THE GREAT GUN WRITERS)
Hunters New Encyclopedia, The - 3rd Edition - 1966 - Stackpole Books - ocr.pdf
Knife Talk 1 - Ed Fowler - the Art & Science of Knife Making.pdf
Knife Talk 2 - Ed Fowler - the Art & Science of Knife Making.pdf
Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics - 1987.pdf (FIRST EDITION)
Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics - 2nd Edition - 1991.pdf
Modern Reloading - 1st Edition - by Richard Lee - some of the pages toward the back were incorrectly trimmed.pdf
No Second Place Winner - Bill Jordan.pdf (FROM THE BORDER PATROL - A CLASSIC BOOK ON FIGHTING)
Outdoor Life Gun Data Book.pdf
Red Storm on the Reich - ocr.pdf (WORLD WAR TWO HISTORY)
Shotgunners Book, The - A Modern Encyclopedia.pdf
Street Survival - 1980 - ocr.pdf (HOW COPS CAN PROTECT THEMSELVES)
Traditional Bowyers Bible, The - Volume One - the front matter was weird, a few pages may have been missing from the paper book - ocr.pdf
Traditional Bowyers Bible, The - Volume Two.pdf
Victory Through Air Power - 1942 - not checked due to images not having page numbers.pdf
War Slang.pdf
Weapons - an International Encyclopedia from 5000 BC to 2000 AD - the Diagram Group.pdf

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