25 Language Learning Packs Collection

25 Language Learning Packs Collection
Language Learning Packs Collection [33.93 GiB]


A collection of old and new learning packs, combined into a single download. Most of these packs are improved with added learning materials,audio files archived in rar format to reduce size,pdf files rotated and merged etc.
The learning packs of Swahili,Mongolian,Bengali,Armenian and Lithuanian remain the same, so if you have downloaded any of them before, you can help me seed by copying them to the download folder and renaming them to 04.Swahili,07.Mongolian,11.Bengali,13.Armenian,14. Lithuanian,respectively.
The two parts of the Italian one should be combined into a folder 19.Italian and to the rar files from the Italian language resources (part 2)add the word Audio at the end,for example 02.Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian --> 02.Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian Audio.

The following learning packs are included in this torrent:

01.Akkadian (237 MB)
02.Classical Syriac (290 MB)
03.Hebrew (1.96 GB)
04.Swahili (536 MB)
05.Tagalog (638 MB)
06.Thai (1.37 GB)
07.Mongolian (513 MB)
08.Korean (1.59 GB)
09.Hungarian (831 MB)
10.Hindi-Urdu and other languages of India (2.83 GB)
11.Bengali (358 MB)
12.Kurdish (189 MB)
13.Armenian (464 MB)
14.Lithuanian (1.12 GB)
15.Ukrainian (476 MB)
16.Czech-Slovak (2.26 GB)
17.Bulgarian-Macedonian (1.18 GB)
18.Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian (2.88 GB)
19.Italian (1.59 GB)
20.Portuguese (3.83 GB)
21.Dutch-Afrikaans (2.02 GB)
22.Danish (628 MB)
23.Swedish (1.34 GB)
24.Icelandic-Faroese (1.80 GB)
25.Irish (942 MB)

There's a separate folder 00.Book List with the complete list of books for each language.

It might take several weeks to seed it, as my upload speed isn't extremely fast, but this torrent is the only torrent I'll be seeding for the next months, so be patient,and if all goes well I might make a 2nd collection of this type, with languages such as Chinese,Spanish,French,Greek and others.

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