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Windows Server R2 Training
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Windows Server 2008 R2 Training
Video 1 - Course Introduction
- About Your Instructor
- About Train Signal
- Hardware Setup
- Course Topic Overview
Video 2 ? New Active Directory Management Tools
- The Active Directory Administrative Center
- The Best Practices Analyzer
- Download and Install the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)
- Turn RSAT Features On
- Using RSAT from a Client
- Enable Remote Management of a Server
- What We Covered
Video 3 ? The Active Directory Recycling Bin
- Server 2008 R2 Domain Functional Level
- Installing Integrated PowerShell Editor
- Activating the AD Recycling Bin
- Restoring a Deleted Account
- Finding Out Information About a Deleted Object
- Restoring a Deleted Organizational Unit
- What We Covered
Video 4 ? New Group Policy in Server 2008 R2
- New Look, Nice Interface
- Super Easy Power Plan Preferences
- Internet Explorer 8 Preferences
- Starter GPOs
- What We Covered
Video 5 ? Build an ASP.Net Application Server on Server Core
- Configuring Server Core
- Configuring Remote Management on Server Core
- Opening and Editing the Batch Script
- Installing IIS 7.5 and ASP.Net
- Connecting a Web Server to Server Core Machine
- Configuration Editor
- Setting Up the FTP Site
- FTP Options and Settings
- Adding Files to the Server Core Machine
- What We Covered: Steps to Creating an ASP.Net Application Server on Server Core
Video 6 ? Boot a Machine with a Virtual Hard Disk
- Why Would You Use a Virtual Hard Drive-
- Easy VHD Boot Setup
- Copying a VHD to a Physical Machine
- Using and Editing the VHDBoot Script
- Running the VHDBoot Script
- Deleting a VHD from the Physical Machine
- What We Covered
Video 7 ? Hyper-V Dynamic Storage and Quick Switch Settings
- New Hyper-V Capabilities
- Hot Add/Remove Virtual SCSI Hard Disks
- What We Covered
Video 8 ? Remote Desktop Services: Personal Virtual Desktops
- The Virtual Personal Desktop Concept
- What is a VDI-
- Install Remote Desktop Services Roles
- Install the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Role
- Add the Desktop Experience Feature
- Prep the Windows 7 Client
- Turn On Remote Desktop on the Client
- Edit and Run the RDP Batch Script
- Edit the Client Registry
- Add a Firewall Exception
- Configure RD Connection Broker for Personal Desktops
- Assign a Personal Desktop to a User
- Add an RD Source in RD Web Access
- Discovering the RD Web Access URL
- Add Your RD Server to TS Web Access Computers
- Test Personal Desktop Access
- What We Covered
Video 9 ? Hyper-V Clustering
- What Does it Take to Build Highly Available Virtual Machines-
- Two Methods of Easy VM Migration
- What We Covered
Video 9 Bonus - Hyper-V Clustering Science Experiment
- Building Failover Clusters
- Setting Up for Hyper-V Clustering
- Attaching iSCSI Storage
- Validating Configuration
- Creating a Cluster
- Configuring Cluster Quorum Settings
- Creating Highly Available Virtual Machines
- Live and Quick Migration
- What We Covered (Bonus)
Video 10 ? AppLocker
- The AppLocker GPO Setting
- Creating the OU
- Attaching a GPO to the OU
- Creating Default Rules
- Creating an AppLocker Rule
- Configuring Rule Enforcement
- Testing Our AppLocker Rule
- Creating a Local AppLocker Rule
- What We Covered
Video 11 ? BranchCache
- Life Without BranchCache
- The Cooperative BranchCache Method
- The Hosted BranchCache Method
- Hosted Method Demo
- Install the BranchCache Role Service
- Enabling the BranchCache via Local Group Policy
- Configure a GPO for Clients
- Turn On BranchCache on Clients
- Set BranchCache Distributed Mode
- Configure Windows Firewall for Clients
- Enable BranchCache on a Shared Folder
- What We Covered
Video12 ? Concept: Direct Access
- The Advantages of Direct Access
- Components Needed for Direct Access
- The Secret Behind Direct Access
- What We Covered

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