Navitel v5.0.2.23, WinCE 5 / 6 + All Official Maps 10.2011
Navitel v5.0.2.23, WinCE 5 / 6 + All Official Maps 10.2011 | 4.46 GB
Navitel Navigat - a unique and accurate navigation system, which includes detailed charts with detailed street and road netwk and complete targeted plan, as well as free services "Navitel.Probki" and "Navitel.SMS." Plotted on maps of thousands of points of POI (gas station, traffic police, cafes, restaurants, motels, hotels, etc.) and also includes infmation about the location of surveillance cameras f speed and sleeping policemen (SPEEDCAM). Navitel Navigat allows you to use the amateur card, skins, voice (off. voice packets), spidkamy, POI, created and updated by the users.
Coverage: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey + overview map of the whole of Europe (includes all cities across Europe without high detail, as well as all the maj transit line within the European countries and between them).
Installation instructions:
To change the number of COM-pt to use Change_Navitel_COM-pt/Change_Navitel_COM-pt.exe (default iginal.exe - COM7)
Copy the contents of Flash.
Specify the path starting with Mobilenavigat / Mobilenavigat.exe.
- If the Navigat launch path is not changed and is different from Mobilenavigat / Mobilenavigat.exe, then you should rename / Mobilenavigat /, Mobilenavigat.exe Mobilenavigat.mscr and then the name that you used the default (eg / Navitel / Navitel.exe and Navitel.mscr)
- If your navigat high resolution (800 x 480 640 * 480), when you start you can be faced with increct display of the interface. Need to switch the settings to crect the skin Navitel: Settings-> Me-> Interface-> Ckin-> Navitel_HD.ns2 (NavitelContent/Skin/Navitel_HD.ns2)
- The first time you may receive an err opening the skin, removing it by clicking "OK", when you run it will no longer occur.
Maps included:
Russia Q1 2011 (6/21/2011)
Ukraine Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Belarus Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Kazakhstan Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Kyrgyzstan Q2 2011 (21/09/2011)
Finland Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Lithuania Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Latvia Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Estonia Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Poland Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Czech Republic Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Slovakia Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Romania Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Hungary Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Moldova Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Bulgaria Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Turkey Q2 2011 (02/09/2011)
Overview map of the whole of Europe Q2 2011 (09/02/2011)
Total: 19 cards
Extras. Infmation:
Who does not need maps - when setting to download the trent file uncheck the folder / NavitelContent / Maps.
System requirements:
OS: Windows CE 5 / 6
Resolution: 240 x 240 320 x 240 (QVGA), 400 ? 240 (WQVGA), 480 ? 320 (HVGA), 640 ? 480 (VGA), 800 ? 480 (WVGA);
Process: from 256MGts
RAM: 64 MB of

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