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Surfcam Velocity v3.0 SP2

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    Surfcam Velocity v3.0 SP2

    Surfcam Velocity v3.0 SP2
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    Surfcam Velocity v3.0 SP2 | 717 MB
    SURFCAM - a CAD / CAM system, the development company Surfware, Inc., Based on years of experience in the manufacture of tooling for precision castings in the aerospace and medical industries.
    SURFCAM is used in industrial design, prototyping, design and preparation of control programs 2 -, 3 -, 4 - and 5-axis milling, turning, EDM, laser, plasma and vodoreznoy processing on CNC machines.
    This is a powerful and easy-to-use software is perfect for any machining companies. It is able to assist you in product design and preparation of control programs for CNC machine tools more precise, simpler, faster.
    The system includes checking the parts on the technology MachineWorks ?, Ltd. and the full associativity of Technology SolidWorks. Also, the system supports a variety of patented technologies and provides a variety of modules to increase functionality.
    This system is easy to use and has lots of support programs: HTML help, tutorial, training tips, training examples and user support via the Internet or experienced professionals in the companies distributors.
    Each new version contains new features and enhancements of previous versions.
    Extras. Info: SP2
    Compatibility with Vista: Yes
    Language: English only
    Medicine: Present

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    Re: Surfcam Velocity v3.0 SP2

    muchas gracias deja che co que funke

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