DSS Simulia Abaqus 6.11.1 EF (Extended Plugin SolidWks )
DSS Simulia Abaqus 6.11.1 EF (Extended Plugin SolidWks ) | Win32 & Win64 | ISO 3.78 GB
About Simulia
SIMULIA is the Dassault Systemes brand that delivers a scalable ptfolio of Realistic Simulation solutions including the Abaqus product suite f Unified Finite Element Analysis, multiphysics solutions f insight into challenging engineering problems, and lifecycle management solutions f managing simulation data, processes, and intellectual property. By building on established technology, respected quality, and superi customer service, SIMULIA makes realistic simulation an integral business practice that improves product perfmance, reduces physical prototypes, and drives innovation. Headquartered in Providence, RI, USA, with R&D centers in Providence and in Suresnes, France, SIMULIA provides sales, services, and suppt through a global netwk of over 30 regional offices and distributs.
About Dassault Systemes
As a wld leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, Dassault Systemes brings value to me than 130,000 customers in 80 countries. A pioneer in the 3D software market since 1981, Dassault Systemes applications provide a 3D vision of the entire lifecycle of products from conception to maintenance to recycling. The Dassault Systemes ptfolio consists of CATIA f designing the virtual product - SolidWks f 3D mechanical design - DELMIA f virtual production - SIMULIA f virtual testing - ENOVIA f global collabative lifecycle management, EXALEAD f search-based applications and 3DVIA f online 3D lifelike experiences.
About Simulia Abaqus 6.11
With new capabilities and me than 100 customer-requested enhancements, Abaqus 6.11 delivers on SIMULIA's strategic commitment to provide scalable, high-quality realistic simulation solutions. SIMULIA customers in a wide range of industries-including aerospace, automotive, consumer packaged goods, energy, and life sciences-are using Abaqus to exple the real-wld physical behavi of products and materials, in der to improve perfmance, reliability and safety, while reducing development time and costs.
Abaqus 6.11 marks the first release of the Abaqus Topology Optimization Module (ATOM). This add-on product enables Abaqus users to perfm topology and shape optimization f single parts and assemblies, while taking into account large defmation, material nonlinearity and contact.
Abaqus 6.11 also introduces a new electromagnetics solution technology to solve problems requiring time-harmonic eddy current analysis, such as the hardening of a bearing surface due to induction. In addition, this release provides a new smoothed particle hydrodynamics capability f modeling violent free-surface flows, such as fluid sloshing.
Description Plugin :
System Requirements: Windows XP as well as
SolidWks 2009sp1-2011 + Abaqus (6.8EF-6.11) - f Sw2AbqPlugin_ **. dll,
CATIA (v5R18, v5R19) + Abaqus (6.8EF-6.11) - f CAI_R18_02-01-2008.exe and CAI_R19_01-20-2009.exe,
Abaqus 6.10 - f Weld Modeler and Threaded Connection Modeler,
Abaqus 6.11 - f Wound Composite Modeler
Sw2AbqPlugin_ **. dll - this plug-in f SolidWks 2009sp1-2011, which implements a very necessary and arhipolezny associative interface SolidWks-Abaqus CAE (6.8EF-6.11).
CAI_R18_02-01-2008.exe and CAI_R19_01-20-2009.exe - similar plug-ins f CATIA (v5R18, v5R19) and Abaqus CAE (6.8EF-6.11) (thanks t87).
Abaqus-ProEngineer associative interface.
Weld Modeler - simulation of welding in Abaqus
Threaded Connection Modeler - simulation of threaded connections.
Wound Composite Modeler - simulation of composite materials.
Other - a set of different plug-ins in the fm of Python scripts
Extras. Infmation: Installation Sw2AbqPlugin_32.dll:
Installed as a plug-in f SolidWks.
To do this in SolidWks in the "open file", select Add-ins.dll and open Sw2AbqPlugin_32.dll. You should see a new menu item "Abaqus".
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