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Windows Sofware | CyberLink PowerDirect Ultra Multilanguage-FiLELiST + Content | 640.5 MB / 1.15 GB
CyberLink PowerDirect 10 is a wld's fastest video editing software! With a 2nd generation TrueVelocity rendering engine that-s faster than ever, along with the richest end-to-end 3D editing suite available, PowerDirect 10 is redefining digital video editing. PowerDirect 10 now has even me powerful features and one-click fixes that help you to edit & enhance your footage and produce stunning video efftlessly. F advanced users, PowerDirect 10-s huge set of editing tools let you control everything from keyframe to audio. PowerDirect 10's feature-rich, yet intuitive user interface puts your video editing needs within easy reach. You'll find sophisticated video editing essentials along with innovations that put efficiency first like snap-to-grid positioning, nested projects and easy grouping of media, all on a flexible 100-track timeline. PowerDirect 10 introduces the most comprehensive 3D editing features available. Now you can make top quality 3D movies at home on your PC!
End-to-end 3D editing includes suppt f native 3D videos and photos as well as the conversion of 2D content to 3D, expansive editing suppt f 3D titles, 3D particles, 3D effects, 3D menus and me, broad 3D fmat output and burning options, and even direct upload of 3D videos to YouTube.
PowerDirect is the wld's first native 64-bit consumer video edit, enabling improved system efficiency and faster loading of HD video footage. Already the fastest edit on the market, the latest version of PowerDirect introduces rendering engine innovations that take video processing speeds to new heights. To the range of TrueVelocity technologies that improve previewing, effects rendering, fmat conversions, and outputting of videos, PowerDirect 10 has added OpenCL suppt, an enhanced HD video encoder and a patented Intelligent SVRT technology to help users to produce better videos in less time. Leveraging both hardware and software technologies to speed up video processing, PowerDirect 10 harnesses system GPU power via OpenCL f incomparable effects rendering speed, while a brand new H.264 media encoder rapidly processes HD video.
DirectZone, PowerDirect's popular video editing community, is where you can download, upload, share, subscribe and comment on other users' effects. Join millions of others at DirectZone and find the perfect addition to your projects learn from the editing expertise of Power Directs by studying user-uploaded timelines showing exactly how they've created their movie sequences.
Award-Winning Perfmance with TrueVelocity:
The wld's fastest video edit just got faster! Experience the mind-blowing video production speed of PowerDirect 10.
- Faster Rendering with TrueVelocity 2 - 2nd gen. native 64-bit video engine delivers even me rendering speed.
- OpenCL f Optimal Video Effect Speed -- Harnesses GPU power f greatly improved video effect speed.
- Intelligent Rendering with SVRT -- Analyzes an entire project, chooses best output profile f production speed.
Spectacular Movie Creation:
Over 300 pro-level video and audio editing tools make any creative vision a reality.
- Pro-Quality HD Editing -- Edit with a huge variety of tools, transitions and effects on a flexible 100 track timeline.
- Powerful Ce Tools -- Crop and rotate videos precisely trim footage with PowerDirect-s Zoom-in Cut-.
- One-Click Fixes -- Instantly crect lighting, shakiness, artifacts upscaling to HD with TrueTheater enhancements.
Richest End-to-End 3D Video Editing:
Making impressive 3D movies is no longer just Hollywood's privilege. Now you can make your own 3D movies at home.
- Impt All the Latest 3D Fmats -- Either from files straight from 3D cameras/phones.
- Edit it All in 3D! - Enjoy a complete 3D editing wkflow including 3D titles, disc menus, transition effects and me.
- Output to 3D Fmats -- Burn your project to industry standard 3D Blu-ray, 3D AVCHD 3D DVD discs.
Internet's #1 Video Editing Community:
Join the increasing number of people editing their videos with PowerDirect and sharing & learning on DirectZone.
- 200,000+ FREE Effects -- Find the perfect effect, template, DVD menu to set your project off.
- Learn with Tutials & Timelines -- Get the most out of your software with tutials & timelines uploaded by others.
- Sharing Made Easy -- Share your wk to video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion and me.
What's new in CyberLink PowerDirect Ultra
- Now crectly enters the Edit window after capturing video.
- Improves the stability of selecting -Set Aspect Ratio- in the right click menu.
- Now allows users to sign in to Freesound.
- Produced MPEG-2 clips with the Black and White effect and a 3D-Like title are no longer interlaced.
- Application now behaves as expected if users click [Stop] when previewing a 3D 4:3 disc at full screen using a 120Hz display device..
- Improves application launch perfmance on AMD platfms.
- Now crectly enters the Create Disc window after inserting a project on the timeline.
- Now allows f the output of video files to a folder path that contains Unicode characters
- Install CyberLink_PowerDirect10Ultra_1005_GM2_113320_VDE11 0927-03.exe
- Install patch update build 1012
- Copy Simkey from folder "Key" in program folder
Don't registering this version on Cyberlink website anyway.
Let all blank and uncheck all cases anyway.
by using the "?" on the right up cner.
uncheck case saying : Stay connected to search f new update from internet.
and close program right now !
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