Schlumberger Techlog 2011.1.2 revision 85044

Schlumberger Techlog 2011.1.2 revision 85044 | 385 Mb
Techlog software enables log analysts and petrophysicists to perfm basic and conventional interpretation within an efficient, wkflow-iented platfm. Specialized interpretation tools allow experts to address advanced wellbe-centric questions.
Cpate Profile
Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwk are at the center of who we are. F me than 80 years, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer perfmance.
Today, our real-time technology services and solutions enable customers to translate acquired data into useful infmation, then transfm this infmation into knowledge f improved decision making-anytime, anywhere. Harnessing infmation technology in this way offers enmous opptunities to enhance efficiency and productivity. This is a quantum leap from providing traditional 'just-in-case' infmation to delivering 'just-in-time' knowledge that meets the changing needs of our customers.
About Schlumberger Techlog
Techlog Interactive Suite brings wellbe-centric, cross-domain wkflows to different disciplines: petrophysics (ce and log), geology, geophysics, drilling, reservoir, and production engineering. Techlog software offers a tightly integrated environment to process your wellbe data and deliver results.
Techlog 2011.1.1 delivers a complete modernization of the application interface with key usability innovations, including
- a new ribbon interface, combining highly intuitive icons with complete customization capabilities to enhance clarity and knowledge-sharing
- a convenient dashboard mode with automatic window tiling to maximize the wkspace and reduce mouse movements
- intelligent right-mouse-click context menus, bringing frequently used tools and actions to the users- fingertips
- customization at several levels of granularity
- consistency and auditability, while suppting productivity and personalized wkflows
- a powerful wkflow interface, enabling users to create comprehensive cross-domain analysis wkflows applicable across single multiple wells
- wkflows that can be saved and shared as templates, edited, and reapplied to new data to facilitate efficient sharing of expertise across asset teams.
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