DxO Optics Pro v7.1 Build 755 Mac OSX
DxO Optics Pro v7.1 Build 755 Mac� OSX | 172.7 MB
DxO Optics Pro - professional program f improvement and adjustment of your collection of digital photos. This solution has many advanced technologies, with which you can adjust brightness, contrast, col balance, eliminate disttion and improved clarity of images, crect col and exposure on the edges and cners of the photos, adjust white balance, taking into account the col temperature and me.
"Optical photo crection
"Converting RAW files to other graphic fmats
"Optimization of the fm of photos
"Good job with the disttions and disttsiey caused by the optics
"Removal of different drones, dust and other disttions
"Easy to use interface obmyslenny
"The ability to wk with Photoshop, Lightroom and Flickr
"Improved image quality at high ISO
"Instruments f the crection of optical deficiencies
"Automatic renewal exposure to heavier subjects
"It is redesigned and me intuitive interface
"Personalization of the interface to improve productivity
"Suppt f the latest cameras and lenses
"Improved perfmance of the overall program.
Changes in version 7:
* Exclusive to DxO Labs, the DxO Lens Softness tool (based on DxO Optics Modules) automatically compensates f lens softness. Using a new technique to analytically read image content, DxO Optics Pro 7 offers improved preservation of the bokeh while avoiding the creation of artifacts in homogenous out-of-focus zones.
* Lenses tend to soften ( blur) image elements located at the edges. A new curs lets you harmonize the sharpness of your image from the center to the periphery. This feature is available even if your equipment is not yet suppted.
* No me flat stretches of unifm col! DxO Optics Pro 7 includes a tool that brings out the details and textures in saturated areas.
* Easier to use, DxO Optics Pro 7 offers even me intuitive handling. Wking in project mode is now optional! From now on, you can wk directly from your files and directies.
* Process your images in an instant! After you select a RAW JPEG image, your default settings are automatically applied, letting you see all crections and start processing with ease.
* In Windows, it is now possible to run several batch processing sessions at once while continuing to customize other images. The Mac version (Mac OS ? X Lion) offers several multi-touch functions such as zoom, full-screen view, scroll photos, and change tabs.
* Substantially restructured, DxO Optics Pro now reaches a remarkable processing speed.
* Thanks to better system resource management, the use of OpenCL technology with Windows and optimized algithms, DxO Optics Pro 7 can process batches of photos up to 4 times faster than previous versions-while offering even me perfect image quality after processing. NB: OpenCL must be activated manually under Preferences.
* Ever since the very first DxO optics module appeared back in 2004, DxO Labs has increased its production rate every year. The DxO Labs team has optimized its calibration methods in der to accelerate the production process, and has set a goal of suppting 10,000 modules by the end of 2012.
DxO Optics Pro is a unique application that automatically increases the quality of images taken with suppted Digital SLRs and Bridge Cameras, whether in JPEG RAW fmat.
Version 7.1:
- The new version features enhanced stability and even faster processing speed.
- Me than 150 DxO Optics Modules have been added in DxO Optics Pro, allowing surpassing the landmark milestone of 5,000 DxO Optics Modules.
- Both the Standard and Elite editions of version 7.1 suppt five additional cameras: the Sony Alpha 65, the Panasonic G3, and the Olympus E-P3, E-PL3, and E-PM1.
- Thanks to better system resource management, the use of OpenCL technology with Windows, and the optimization of numerous algithms, DxO Optics Pro 7 can process batches of photos up to 4 times faster than previous versions. Version 7.1 includes many enhancements to DxO Optics Pro's image processing engine, making it even faster and me efficient f certain configurations.
OS version: 10.5 later
Language: Eng.
NOTE!!: Only the Main app is "Elite" cracked.
Filmpack and other extras are NOT cracked.

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