SideFX Houdini Master 12.0.572 for Windows (x86)

SideFX Houdini Master 12.0.572 for Windows (x86)
Size : 220 MB
SideFX Houdini Master ? The powerful program for modelling and creation of the special effects, simultaneously being a functional package 3D schedules. The program allows to make difficult shots without necessity of use of additional plug-ins or group of programmers. Film production can count on help Houdini Master in creation of tremendous video-effects and animation. Among innovations of the tenth version it is necessary to note possibility of use of the several computers united in a local network, for imitation of behaviour of the liquids, new tools Pyro FX for smoke and fire creation, technology Interactive Photorealistic Rendering (IPR) for fast viewing of changes which are brought in illumination of three-dimensional scenes, work with the three-dimensional data. Houdini Master differs presence of tools for creation of dynamics and visual effects with particles.
Main features:
? Work Fast, Smart, Flexible
? A New Level of Understanding
? Take Control of Tools and Assets
? Artist-friendly User Interface
? Polygon/Subdivision Modeling
? NURBS Modeling
? Creating Geometry
? Advanced Motion -Editing Tools
? Procedural Animation and Motion Editing
? Sound Creation and Editing
? Control Lights across many Shots
? Build Shaders and Materials Interactively
? Top-notch RenderMan Support
? Third Party Rendering Support
? Integrated Python Support
? And much, much more
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