Haufe Personal Office 16.5 Stand November 2011

Haufe Personal Office 16.5 Stand November 2011 | 1.36 GB
The first choice f all the latest infmation and guidance documents on employment, income tax, social security and personnel management. Already over 50,000 users wk with the industry's leading infmation system f personnel wk.
Top News:
NEW: Flexi II Act
NEW: Overview of the income tax and social security law changes in 2010
NEW: The preliminary value of the social security
NEW: The new state benchmarks in 2010
NEW: All high, open and standard amounts f 2010
NEW: General fund contribution to health
NEW: Overview of the Accident Insurance Modernization Act
NEW: Technical paper: 1 year new Reisekostenrecht
Detailed topics lexicon
The entire staff as a legal encyclopedia with over 500 keywds f quick infmation from AZ
Detailed technical infmation
Easy to follow manuals provide comprehensive on the topics of employment law, wage & salary, social security and personnel management
legal sources
Me than 2,800 laws, regulations, circulars, meeting results and guidelines on lab, social and tax legislation
Jurisprudence database
With 31,000 judgments about the lab, social and income tax law
job aids
Sample texts and treaties, f example Terminations, warning, sample certificates calculations, eg Gross-net computer, computer severance
Checklists and official fms, e.g. Income tax registration, application f child benefit tables, eg Travel Costs, property, reference values.., social values...
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