Zend Studio 9.0.1

Zend Studio 9.0.1 | 217MB
Zend Studio f Eclipse combines proven Zend technology and the Eclipse PHP Developers Tools (PDT) project to create the wld�s most powerful IDE f developing rich Web applications. By combining proven Zend PHP edit technology, integration with Zend Platfm and Zend Ce, built in database connectivity, integrated debugging , profiling, code coverage and testing capabilities, team suppt with extensible version control suppt, suppt f Zend Framewk, suppt f Web Services, comprehensive with multi-language suppt and extensibility provided by the vibrant Eclipse open source community, developers have the tools they need f suppt of the entire PHP application lifecycle.
Zend Studio is designed f new PHP programmers wishing to create PHP applications f the coolest Internet programs and Web pages. It is the perfect PHP development environment f delivering robust and bug-free applications in recd time.

With a state-of-the-art PHP edit and an award-winning Internal Debugger, Zend Studio delivers all the basic features a PHP developer needs:

--Increase productivity with the proven PHP development environment. Includes advanced PHP 5 Suppt, Code Edit, Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting, Project Manager, Wizards, and an Internal Debugger.
--Enhance your productivity. Test your application on the spot using Zend Studio�s renowned and award-winning Internal Debugger. Advanced debugging features include conditional breakpoints, stack trace view, advanced watches, variables and output buffer.
--Deliver applications in recd time with the productivity of 100+ reusable Code Snippets. Zend Snippets Expler lets you ganize, view, and add utility functions and code samples. Connect automatically to the Zend hosted code Gallery where you can select, download, rate upload additional Code Snippets.
--Develop faster and smarter with Syntax Highlighting. Enhance code comprehension with col highlighting f PHP 4, PHP 5, HTML, javascript, XML and CSS.
Integration with Zend Framewk and Zend Server
Analysis of the code and a quick fix
Quickly create a new file
Suppt f PHP 4.x and 5.x
Syntax highlighting code
Using code templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New File)
Err detection in real time
Using Bookmarks
Built-in internal browser
Commenting on the PHP code
Search f text elements and PHP code
Search and replace text in files
Integrated TODO mechanism
Suppt f HTML and CSS
Debugging PHP code
Using toolbars in IE and Firefox
And much me
Developer: Zend Technologies
Platfm / OC: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: English
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