iOS 5 Beta 2 Jailbroken Firmwares with Tutorial | 5.50 GB

iOS 5 beta 2 tethered jailbroken firmwares. You know how it goes, watch the link if you're unsure how to use them. The iPhone 3GS Old Bootrom is untethered, meaning that you don't have to follow the redsn0w section of the video, you just restore to the firmware. Old Bootrom 3GS = the 4th and 5th digits of the serial number are less than or equal to 40. For example, a serial number MB5381024 would be older bootrom, due the 4th and 5th digits being the number 38. However, we've completed a cycle now so you may get a number like 03 if your device was purchased recently, meaning you have a new bootrom. If in doubt, contact me about it. Hacktivation is unsupported, however there is baseband preservation for those wanting unlock.

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